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Adlington to Wigan (photo 35 of 76)

Red Rock Bridge (Bridge 63)



I grew up at Red Rock. Used to be fascinated with the narrow boats on the canal.(Not many in them days.) Didn't think I would be living on one. Did you know in the late 50s just across from the bridge and across from the Crawford arms there used to be a shop and transport caf'e? also across from the Crawford arms there was a row of houses. The Crawford arms was my mum and dads local. Mum sometimes helped out at the pub. Spent many a time sitting by Red Rock Bridge or on the gantry on the canal side eating crisp and drinking a bottle of pop. Used to walk many a times along the towpath from Red Rock to Haigh Hall.
Met my first boy friend along there !!! Mam used to tell us about the button pit murder at a mine near Red Rock. This was an unsolved murder of a watch man. The body was never found only blood and a button. Hence button pit.

The Crawford arms is now being renovated (I hope as a pub)
I'm sure this would be a prime location, not only for passing traffic but for walkers and the growing popularity of narrow boat cruising.

Comment by Sheila Halliwell - 3rd February 2014

The pit was Bawk house pit. A man was hanged for the murder but it is questioned if he was the only one guilty.

Comment by Frank Atherton - 4th August 2014

My ggg grandfather was a miner and lived in the cottages at Red Rock in the 1840s and 1850s. Old maps of the area show a hive of mining activity, with mine shafts, rail sidings, etc. Quite different now! One ancestor lived in the Crawford Arms in the 1860s. A lovely area and always a pleasure to visit.

Comment by Mike Ainscough - 28th October 2017

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