Thursday 23rd May

Keighley to Skipton (photo 51 of 78)

A memorial to 7 Polish airmen who lost their lives in a plane crash in 1943

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A fitting memorial to seven brave men from such a friendly yet oppressed country. It's such a pity that their dedication and that of their countrymen has not received more recognition in today's world. Long may the floral tributes continue. On a historical note - have any of you local parents and teachers taken your children to see this as part of their education? I know there are links on the internet to the context of this accident and its circumstances (one of the airmen had a four week-old child).
Please excuse the somewhat sombre content, as this is a canal website, but 'Lest we forget' is a powerful message.

Comment by MickB - 19th April 2013

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